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Protein Folding

Accurately predict protein and complex structures using our optimized AlphaFold2 implementation.

No more tedious lab work, just configure your settings, run the job, and grab a coffee while we do the hard parts for you.

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Structure prediction with AlphaFold2

Molecular Docking

We use the latest in molecular docking techniques to accurately dock Protein-Protein, Protein-Ligand, Protein-Peptide, Protein-RNA, and Protein-DNA interactions.

Powerful techniques such as LightDock allow you to comprehensively analyze these interactions.

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Molecular docking with AF2

Drug Discovery

Accurately screen drug candidates using our pharmaceutical oriented models.

We provide access to the best models so that you can accurately predict protein-ligand interactions using models like DiffDock.

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Drug discovery using DiffDock

Protein Engineering

Neurosnap makes designing novel proteins a breeze with our suite of optimized generative models.

All our services come with intuitive visualizations, at no additional cost. We know bioinformatics can be tricky, which is why our team of scientists strive to simplicity without compromising accuracy.

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Protein engineering with ProGen2

In silico Mutagenesis

Create functional mutants of your favorite proteins and enzymes using our in silico mutagenesis pipelines.

Our platform can generate thousands of variants within a span of minutes, screening with AlphaFold2 can be done within hours to days.

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in silico mutagenesis with proteinMPNN

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